What is STEAM learning?

An acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, STEAM is a dynamic approach to learning that seamlessly weaves these core fields together. It invites students to embark on exciting journeys of exploration, experimentation, and real-world problem-solving, all while fostering critical thinking and hands-on application of these disciplines. It’s STEAM-ly amazing!

Nurturing the 21st-century wizards

In our fast-paced, ever-evolving world, the quest for individuals armed with 21st-century skills is non-negotiable. STEAM education emerges as the cornerstone in nurturing these abilities by fostering:

Critical thinking and problem-solving

Reimagining STEAM learning with Tan90 

At Tan90, we wholeheartedly understand the pivotal role of STEAM education in charting the course for the future. Our mission revolves around enriching STEAM learning experiences through:

Curating engaging educational resources

to ignite curiosity and cultivate a passion for STEAM subjects among students.

We firmly believe in the transformative potential of STEAM education and are dedicated to playing a substantial role in advancing 21st-century skills. We are committed to nurturing learners, equipping them to excel in a world that’s ever in flux.