Fun with Electricity
Fun with Electricity
Fun with Electricity


Fun with Electricity

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About Our Kit

Tan90's Fun With Electricity kit is designed to introduce the basic concepts of Electricity. This kit will give your child an amazing concept clarity and builds curiosity & love for Science.

This kit comes with reusable components and instruction manuals for 6 experiments-

⭐Edison Bulb

⭐Series & Parallel

⭐Study Lamp

⭐Mars Mission

⭐Good Bad Conductor

⭐Williams Wand

What it contains

Wire 1 piece, Hw battery 3 pieces, Battery clip 3 pieces, Metal board pin 2 pieces, Torch bulb 1 piece, Safety pin 2 pieces, Double tape 1 piece, Dc wire 1 piece, LED bulb 6 pieces, Plastic straw 1 piece, 4v LED bulb 1 piece, Plastic cap 1 piece, Dc switch 2 pieces, Mars picture 1 piece, Spaceship picture 1 piece, Steel wire 1 piece, Buzzer 1 piece, Printed sticker 1 piece, Copper coil 1 piece, Screw 1 piece, Iron nail 10 pieces, MDF board (12x8) cm 1 piece, (7x7) cm 2 pieces, (7x3) cm 4 pieces.